What Is CBD?

Nutriemp is a company that specializes in CBD products, short for Cannabidiol, which is one of the 111+ cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD has been found to have many benefits for health and wellness, and is known for helping to maintain a positive balance of THC.

To extract the cannabinoids from the plant, it is turned into either an oil or powder form. The powders can then be further extracted to create specific types of CBD products. For example, full spectrum CBD includes all the cannabinoids found in the plant, including THC (up to 0.3%), terpenes, and oils. Broad spectrum CBD includes all the cannabinoids except for THC, along with terpenes and oils. And CBD isolate is pure CBD, with no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or oils.

CBD and other cannabinoids are naturally fat-soluble, which means they mix well with fatty oils. Nutriemp prefers to use cold-pressed hemp oil, which is derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant and also has many health benefits. We also use coconut oil or MCT oil, which also has health benefits.

The cannabis plants used by Nutriemp are grown to have a THC content of no more than 0.3%, in accordance with legal requirements in the UK and EU. We offer a range of products, including full spectrum CBD oil, broad spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

The latter two options are mainly for people who want to take CBD without the presence of THC, terpenes, and oils, also for people who take frequent drug test, we recommend them to take the Broad or Isolate CBD. However, we advise you to do your own research on this as we are not responsible for results that test positive under (0.3%) what is the legal U.K and E.U required amount.

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